Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
2020 Cadillac Xt5

2020 Cadillac Xt5 Is Barely Being Refreshed

Cadillac has been making a serious effort to expand its crossover offerings with the all-new XT4 and XT6. With them has come slight changes to Cadillac’s design language, leaving the existing XT5 looking a little out of the loop. Well, it appears that’s about to change … sort of. One of our spy photographers caught a 2020 Cadillac XT5 out testing, and it has some changes that suggest a refresh.

You do have to look closely to tell anything has changed, though. And even then, the only noticeable change is to the grille, which is now dotted with little quadrilateral shapes similar to those on XT4 and CT5. You can see one of the two current designs below. Otherwise, the bumpers and lights haven’t been changed at all.

We suspect there will be other small changes in store for the crossover. It could switch from an eight-speed transmission to a nine-speed unit like the one the XT6 will use. This would be likely considering they both use the same V6 engine. We wouldn’t rule out adding an optional turbo four-cylinder engine borrowed from the XT4, but that would be a fairly significant and less likely change. The interior could see some updates, and Cadillac could possibly try to shoehorn in its new infotainment system from the new batch of cars. Then again, changes could simply be limited to new materials and some extra features. With such a light update, we expect the updated 2020 XT5 will make its debut sometime this year with sales coming shortly after.