Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
BMW E90 3 Series

BMW 3 Series; The Only Car You Need

Let’s think about the best car you can buy. Naturally, there are certain requirements that this vehicle has to meet. It needs to be stylish, fun to drive and have space for comfort. It’s got to be practical too, so that crosses any two-seaters off the list. Sorry, but most parents won’t agree to put their kids in the trunk. When you take all these factors into consideration, we think one car stands out above the rest. The BMW 3 series. If you think about it, this car has got everything you need and want.

BMW E90 3 SeriesStyle And Swag

At least fifty percent of this car’s style is accounted for by the badge on the front. It’s A BMW! What more could you want? The style is built into the machine, but if that’s not enough, this one has some impressive features. It has a sleek bodywork, with smooth, cut edges that still allow even older models to look contemporary. The large, looming bonnet gives the car an impressive aesthetic with curved, cool headlights. All in all, this car has great kerb appeal, no matter what year you choose.

Comfort And Space

Once you get inside, you’ll find there’s plenty of space for the whole family. The interior has been meticulously designed, adding yet more style and glamour to the package. You can buy one with custom leather seats that look and feel terrific. Add on some awesome extras like heated seats and fantastic aircon; you’ve got yourself a great machine. There’s plenty of legroom, even in the back which can’t be said for most saloons.

Cost And Reliability

If you buy a BMW 3 series second hand from a dealer like Spire Automotive, you’ll be paying less than thirty grand. Buy brand new and that price goes up to forty which is still affordable. So you’re covered no matter how you want to make this purchase. It’s a car that will fit into the budget of the average family. Reliability isn’t a problem either. This car is known for never breaking down, and that might sound like we’re tempting fate. However, there’s a reason why BMWs are favoured over other machines, and that’s the brilliant production value. You’ll find this when you buy a BMW 3 series.

Performance And Handling

Let’s take a ride in a new BMW 3 series. Start the engine with a click of the button and put the pedal to the metal. It will take you from 0-60 in four seconds and at that’s not an exaggeration. You’ll speed into the corner, but you don’t need to brake too sharply. The beautifully designed brakes offer precision performance and will take you through the corner with no trouble at all. Notice how the car lets you take complete control. You won’t feel like it’s beyond your grasp for even a second. This car is what we would call completely user-friendly, even for the novice driver.

So what do we have then? A car that offers plenty of space for the family, power, performance and practicality. We’re sure you don’t need any more convincing this is the all around best car on the market.