Mon. Jun 14th, 2021
Volvo XC90

Concerned About Safety? Consider These Cars

Everyone wants to be as safe as they possibly can be on the roads. Without safety, what use is any of the other features and attributes you can get from a car?

Jaguar XE

Aside from being one of the best British cars made in recent years, the Jaguar XE is also the safest. The car got a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating when it was crash tested. The biggest highlight of the crash test report was the 92& adult occupant safety score that the car received. There are some particular safety features that helped it to attain this high score as well. One of them is the lane keep assist that stops drivers from veering off into another lane. And then there is also the autonomous emergency braking system that helps to prevent serious collisions. Everyone knew that Jaguar offered quality, but they can now also offer safety.

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90Volvo XC90

I’m sure you’re not surprised to see a Volvo on this list. If there is one thing that the Volvo brand is associated with, it’s safety. They have made the commitment to eliminate deaths in their vehicles by 2020. That tells you everything you need to know about how highly the people at Volvo place safety on their list of priorities. The XC90 is now officially the safest SUV on the market. In the safety assist category, this car scored 100% which is very rare indeed. For many people, Volvo will always be the brand they turn to when they want safety. If you want a cheap Volvo, you can get used cars at Carco Group.

Honda Jazz

Of all the superminis on the market today, none are better, and none are safer than the Honda Jazz. This is something that was confirmed by the Euro NCAP safety tests, in which it scored highly across the board. The driver, child and pedestrian safety scores were all very good, and the car can now be marketed as the safest small car on the market. That is a big deal for Honda, and will definitely give the car a boost among people looking for a cheap family car. The car is also very easy to drive, giving the driver complete control. This helps to make the driving experience most comfortable, and it offers them security.

Ford Galaxy

The Galaxy is a big and bulky car. And that often leads people to think that it is a safe car. It certainly is a safe car, but that’s not all about the size. There are many bulky cars that actually score pretty poorly when they are put through safety testing. But the Ford Galaxy did get a perfect five out of five stars when it was tested by Euro NCAP. It has a good airbag system, and is particularly safe for child occupants. For most cars, the child safety score is usually lower than the adult score. But the Ford Galaxy scored 87% for both, meaning that the car is consistently safe for everyone in it.