Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

Honda Civic Type R Review

Although their Type R line experienced a bumpy start, Honda really turned things around with the 2015 version. The Civic Type R, along with the Renault Sport Megane and Seat Leon Cupra, is a distinctively good-looking hatchback. If you’ve been taken in by this, then you’ll be pleased to know that the quality doesn’t stop there! Here’s a closer look at this interesting vehicle.


At its core, the Type R is just another Civic with various changes. Perhaps the most obvious are the aesthetic modifications. There’s a massive rear wing and beefy side skirts, along with venting that makes you think of a 911. Whether you like this appearance or hate it, it’s not all for show. The wheel arches are bespoke, and have been made with aluminium to reduce weight. The hood shows a subtle change from its predecessor, with a longer, smoother slope to the roof. The sleek seats and compact cabin make wonderful finishing touches to the whole design. When this model was first released, Honda called it “a race car for the road”. For my money, they’ve completely nailed it!

As you may already know, the 2015 Type R is the first turbocharged version in the line. The two-litre engine has been taken out, but the VTEC unit gives you an extra surge of power when the revs build up. Furthermore, the turbocharger means that mid-range acceleration comes very easily. The torque may come as quite the shock when you first put your foot down as well! Surprisingly, it’s pretty hard to feel the engine kick when you’re in the high gears. However, the top end is still incredibly fun to play with. The only real problem you’ll find with the drive is when you’re idle. The Type R uses four wide exhaust pipes, which makes for a heavy grumbling whenever you’re waiting. The noise isn’t nearly as noticeable when you’re moving, but is still a lot louder than I’d expect from this model. When you’re browsing at Eastern Western, be sure to take a test drive before you fall completely in love.

The “race car” theme is really followed through inside the Type R’s cabin. The front has bucket seats with red detailing, which you’ll also find on the wheel, dash and doors. The layout of the dash is more or less identical to a five-door Civic, so it shouldn’t be too much of a transition for enthusiasts. A few cool features really make the Type R stand out from its competitors. You’ll be able to enjoy read-outs which measure the g-force and sprint times. There’s also a row of LEDs showing the gearshifts, which I thought was a nice touch. The racy trimming, equipment layout and focussed shape to the cabin all make for a car that’s comfortable, but not luxurious. Some of the handy features include keyless go and a rear parking camera.

Although some features of this model are surprising, it didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a hatch that looks and feels like a racer, then you could do a lot worse than the Type R!