Thu. May 13th, 2021
Land Rover Range Rover

Is A Land Rover A Good Second-Hand Car?

The used car industry is booming as more drivers realize the benefits of buying a second-hand motor. But, that is causing problems. Dealerships are now trying to exploit the industry to make as much money as possible, which means there are a variety of vehicles on the market. Although that seems like a good thing, it makes finding a good used car much more difficult. After all, not all cars are good cars when they aren’t new. If you are looking into buying a Land Rover, you need to know if that model is going to pay you back in the future. The tips below should help.

Land Rover Range Rover

Long Lasting

Some people think that Land Rovers are not reliable, but that isn’t the full story. For the most part, they won’t cause you big problems that are hard to solve. They might have a few niggling issues, but so does every car. Land Rovers do last a long time as long as you maintain them properly. All that takes is a regular clean and a bit of TLC. Do that, and your used Land Rover will last you a while. At the least, it will last long enough to get your money’s worth.

They Are Cheap

One positive they have is that they are much cheaper second-hand than they are new. New Land Rovers can cost you north of £30,000, which is a lot of cash. But, used ones are much cheaper. In fact, you can find them as low as £15,000 or even £10,000 depending on the quality of the vehicle. Even for used cars, that is very cheap. If money is an issue, you won’t find many cars of this quality that are as cheap as used Land Rovers.

Plenty Of Choice

Land Rovers come in many different shapes and sizes. Just take a look at and see for yourself. Although that is a bit of hassle, it also plays into your hands. The extra choice means that you can find a bargain. The competition and need to sell the cars mean that a lot of dealers will be happy to haggle over the price. More importantly, though, the choice gives you a better chance of picking a car that you love. The problem with a lot of used cars is that you have to drive what is on offer. That isn’t the case with Land Rover.

They Keep Their Looks

There is point denying that looks are a factor because everyone wants to drive an attractive car. You are better off embracing it instead of trying to claim that doesn’t make a difference. Then, you will end up with the best possible deal. As points out, Land Rovers are good-looking. And, they keep their looks even as they age. You will look the part driving around in one, whether it is old or new.


On the whole, a Land Rover is a good option. They might have reliability issues, but that shouldn’t put you off them altogether.