Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
Vauxhall Insignia

Is The Vauxhall Insignia The Perfect Family Car?

For years, Vauxhall has been producing quality vehicles for us to enjoy. When I think about Vauxhall cars, I associate them with family. I think a lot of the vehicles they make are specifically designed to be family cars. None more so than the Insignia. Vauxhall has been altering the Insignia for years, and the latest version may be the best one yet. So, here’s everything you need to know about it:

 Vauxhall Insignia


When you buy a family car, you’re looking for something that drives well. And, the Insignia does hold some good qualities in that respect. I wouldn’t say it’s bad to drive, everything functions well and it has a comfortable ride. But, is it the best driving experience you can get out of a family car? No, I don’t think it is. There are other, similar, cars out there that a far superior to drive, most notably the Ford Mondeo. So, if you’re buying a car specifically for how well it drives and you don’t care about anything else, I’d look elsewhere.


A key element of every family car is how affordable it is. The Insignia slips into the average price bracket for five-door family hatchbacks quite nicely. You won’t pay through the nose for it, and it’s fairly cheap to run. And, the newest Insignia is a year old, meaning dealers like the Pentagon-Group are already selling used versions. There’s nothing to worry about with this car regarding price. It’s a car that most families will be able to afford with minimum fuss or financial bother.


Safety is crucial in any car, but even more so when you’re buying a family car. You want to know that you can drive a car, and your family will be safe. Vauxhall has done their best to ensure that this vehicle is as safe as can be. You get no fewer than six airbags and plenty of mounts to fit child seats. Along with this comes tonnes of additional safety features you can add to the car. There’s a rearview camera to make reversing easier and safer. Then, you have parking assist that helps prevent you from crashing into cars while you park. You can even add a front facing camera that improves things further. It will provide you with forward collision alerts that can stop you from crashing into the car in front. All things considered, the Insignia is definitely one of the best cars for family safety.


Finally, is the Insignia practical? In my opinion, it does everything you ask of it. There’s sufficient room in the car to fit a typical family with three children. The boot is spacious, and you won’t struggle to fit all your shopping in it. I struggle to see how it can improve as it ticks all the boxes for me.

All in all, the Vauxhall Insignia is a great family car. Whether or not it’s the best is up for debate. But, it certainly holds its own and will be a fabulous choice for any family.