Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
Merc GLE Coupe the least car of 2015

Is This Tuned Merc GLE Coupe The Least Tasteful Car Of 2015?

Right from the moment Mercedes revealed its copycat X6, the Mercedes GLE Coupe (which isn’t really a coupe at all, but a GLE 4×4 with a hunchback), it was only a matter of time before a dubiously named tuning division got busy with the papier-mâché and spanners to create a modified version aimed squarely at the More Money Than Sense brigade.

Merc GLE Coupe the least car of 2015

Welcome, if your eyes can stand it, to the Lumma Design CLR G 800.

Where to start? Perhaps with the 24-inch wheels, squeezed into wider wheelarches under a slammed ride height, removing yet more of the ‘utility’ bit from Merc’s latest SUV.

Then again, what with those gargantuan new bumpers, a carbon fibre front splitter, and a rear diffuser element that’d embarrass a Le Mans prototype, it’s a safe assumption Lumma isn’t going after the Chipping Norton set’s chequebooks.

What else did the GLE Coupe really need? That’s right: more vents. And intakes. Before, there was a real lack of places for air to be funneled out of the front wing, or into the rear wheelarches.