Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Make some room! The roomiest minivans of 2015

As 2015 draws near (the current year passed so fast!), car brands intensify their efforts to amaze us with exciting new means of transportation. Among them are minivans – perhaps one of the car niches most eagerly followed by customers.


Why? Well, whether it’s all about the daily chores like picking up kids from school and grocery shopping or something more special like a holiday journey across the country, what you need in the end is a roomy vehicle. Here is the 2015 minivan Fantastic Four – the best ways to make some room on the road…both for you and your family.

Kia Sedona

The 2015 Kia Sedona is a family-on-a-budget’s best friend – compared with its competitors it starts from only $25 900 for its basic configuration.

But let’s put the money part aside and take a peek at where the Sedona excels: its design. The 2014 Sedona was rather unattractive and didn’t make you feel any special. The new minivan model has been completely redesigned so you can be the queen on the road. Sedona’s front row is a piece of art and the beautifully fashioned dashboard and cockpit only support this magical feeling. There is a lounge-like feeling to the car’s interior, amplified by upgraded leather upholstery and seats that are both heated and ventilated.

Sedona’s drawback is that while it’s roomy, it’s less roomy than its main rivals like the Toyota Sienna.

Toyota Sienna

There is a lot of praise surrounding the 2015 Toyota Sienna with experts dubbing it “a family-friendly box on wheels”. The praise is well deserved as Sienna is a mom’s right choice when it comes to delivering a spacious vehicle for your kids.

Toyota’s minivan option is yet again attractive in design in line with the company’s standard gorgeous looks. Sienna’s real power however lies in its uncompromised security. The 2015 model has enhanced protection compared to the 2014 Sienna – and last year’s model got awarded with five out of five stars on government crash tests! In other words, if you wish your kids to be ultimately safe while enjoying a spacious trip, Sienna is the way to go.

Other things to note are the Sienna’s user-friendly controls, as well as the seven hooks in the cargo area – perfect for your grocery shopping needs! The second row of seats can also be folded so your kids take pleasure in a limo-like environment and plenty of legroom.

Honda Odyssey

Let’s be honest: the Honda Odyssey is perhaps the most expensive roomy minivan option. If you are on a budget, the Odyssey is simply out of your league.

However, the 2015 Odyssey has a very distinctive focus point: its handling. We’re speaking of minivans here and minivans are, well…big. The Honda Odyssey, though, rides like a smaller car and will leave you feeling like a true delicate lady when driving around. The unique and easy handling is paired with a total lack of the noise minivans manifest traditionally.

Honda’s offer is also pretty configurable – you can spread the second row seats apart, easily fold the third row seats for some extra space and enjoy intimacy behind dark-tinted rear privacy glass. All in all, driving an Odyssey will feel like you’re Homer yourself, looking towards your smooth, silent and spacious journey.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge’s minivan looks are pretty “manly”, so they might be alien to your mommy world. However, if you are not against the more conventional rectangular design and buffed looks, the Grand Caravan is an overall good vehicle.

Loyal to its manly nature, the Dodge’s main benefit is its powerful V6 engine. Additional pluses are the spacey interior, especially suitable for taller family members and its cargo space which excels the Kia, Toyota or Honda cargo space counterparts.

The Caravan is even a more affordable option than the Sedona – it can go for as little as $20 000! If you’re pursuing engine power and sticking to a tight budget, then this is your best option.