Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
McLaren Reveals 675LT

McLaren Reveals 675LT Concept With JVCKenwood Tech At CES

McLaren and Japanese electronics giant JVCKenwood are drawing on a quarter-century of collaboration with this technological concept at CES this year. It’s based on the limited-edition 675LT, but packs more advanced tech. For starters, it has a head-up display that projects vital information right into the driver’s line of sight – including the presence of other vehicles in its vicinity through the on-board Advanced Driver Assistance System.

McLaren Reveals 675LT

To go with it, McLaren replaced the steering wheel with that of the P1 GTR, and fitted controls for the HUD where the IPAS boost and DRS adaptive rear wing buttons would be. While they were at it, McLaren and JVCKenwood also pulled out all the mirrors and replaced them with digital cameras. There’s one on each door to streamline the side mirrors, and another digital rear view mirror inside feeding from a third camera below the Airbrake rear wing. If only such systems were certified for use on the road.

The one-off concept also features a unique treatment inside and out. It’s done up in Onyx Black with silver racing stripes outside. And the interior features a mix of leather and technical fabrics. With the air conditioning system deleted, vital controls moved to the steering wheel, and gauges integrated into the HUD, McLaren also removed the center console and instrument binnacle altogether, giving the cockpit a more airy feel. The finished product looks pretty cool, but even without all the cool tech, the 675LT is all sold out in both coupe and Spyder forms.