Sat. Jan 16th, 2021
Mercedes teases

Mercedes Teases IAA Concept For Frankfurt

Mercedes-Benz is being coy about the IAA Concept you see above. The Germany automaker admits its name is short for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, but isn’t letting out much more. In a very short statement, Mercedes describes the IAA as “two cars in one: an aerodynamics world champion and a four-door coup√© embodying irresistible design.”

Mercedes teases

Does that mean the IAA points the way forward for the next version of the brand’s shapely CLS, which it also refers to as a four-door coupe? Probably, but we’re not sure where the “Intelligent” part comes in. Will it be an electric machine that presages a competitor to the Tesla Model S? We’ll just have to wait and see.

One thing is for certain: The Mercedes IAA looks sleek. While the details of its design are shrouded in strategically placed shadows, we can clearly see a double-bubble roofline that flows seamlessly into a graceful hatch that reminds us of the Audi A7, which isn’t a bad design to borrow cues from.

The overall shape of the Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile makes it look like bodywork shrink-wrapped atop the chassis as tightly as possible. We’re keen to take a look at the IAA ourselves, and that’s going to happen rather soon. Mercedes promises a debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the early afternoon (Eastern). Stay tuned.