Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
VW golf

New Volkswagen Adds Extra Swag For 2016

The Volkswagen Golf has always been the top pick for first time car buyers and parents looking for the perfect family vehicle. What makes it the best car on the market in these brackets? Well, it has a certain flair that no other model or make of car has managed to beat. It’s impossibly cool, and it’s brilliantly compact while offering a lot of space to the driver and passengers. We don’t think the story for the 2016 model is going to be any different.

VW golf

If It Ain’t Broke…

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Golf is that it hasn’t changed. It’s got the same curves in all the right places. The cars headlights curve around the side beautifully. Adding cut lines make it seem a little more streamlined, but aside from that, there’s not much else new to mention. Those sharp lines are for style more than performance. They aren’t going to make much of a difference racing along the road. You could get an older model from somewhere like Sandles Car Supermarket and still match the speed.

The interior of the car is quite clean and clear. There’s a whole host of different features that you can get included in the price that add to the aesthetic. You can have a touchscreen built into the dashboard for the sat nav and radio. We’re quite fond of the way the middle of the dash curves into the gear stick. It’s rather stylish and one of the changes from the older models. If you like the car does come with optional leather seats. A purchase they may well be worth considering for additional comfort.

Enough Space?

Well, more or less. If you’re thinking about the space of the driver and passengers it surely does. The cabin offers a lot of leg room for such a compact car. You can easily fit a four-person family inside without running out of space, though five would be pushing it. The boot is more of a problem. It doesn’t quite offer the space that you could get from other makes of a similar car. For instance, Audi’s model has more room for your shopping. Though don’t forget you’ll be paying a higher price.

Saving Pennies

These days one of the biggest concerns of the car buyer is efficiency. They don’t want to spend a fortune refueling their car every few miles. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one. It’ll do 28.5 MPG easily, and that’s pretty good, even for a new car. You’ll be hard pressed to beat that even if you choose a bigger car or dare we say, a hybrid.

How Much?

Finally, there’s the price to consider. You can buy this car for anything from seventeen up to thirty thousand. We’re sure you’ll agree for your typical hatchback this is quite expensive. A lot of car makers are beating that cost, and we’d understand if you chose a cheaper model.  That said we still think if you go with the Golf, you’ll be getting one of the best Hatchbacks on the market right now.