Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Nissan Reveals Patrol Nismo in Dubai

Nissan’s performance division has worked its magic on a variety of vehicles. But not all of them have been based on sports cars, and not all of them have been made available here in the United States. Its latest model is neither.


In launching the Nismo sub-brand in the Dubai, Nissan has started with a decidedly different model in thePatrol Nismo. It’s based on the SUV we’d know better as the Infiniti QX80, but instead of taking an off-road or luxury approach, the Patrol Nismo (as you might have guessed) goes for on-road performance. To that end, the performance division has given it a thorough workover.

The 5.6-liter V8 engine, for starters, has been tuned by Nissan’s Takumi craftsmen up from 400 horsepower to 428. The suspension has been firmed up with Bilstein shocks and mounted with 22-inch forged alloys from Rays. The power steering system has tuned by Nismo for sportier handling. The bodywork has been upgraded for an aggressive look and zero aerodynamic lift. And the interior has been refitted to make it a more suitable environment from which to command the added performance capabilities.

The result may have potential as a junior version of SUVs like the Mercedes GL63 AMG or Range Rover Sport SVR, not to mention prospective upcoming performance versions of the Cadillac Escalade. But it’s being launched exclusively in the United Arab Emirates for the time being, and given that we don’t get the Patrol as such in North America, it looks highly unlikely the Patrol Nismo will ever reach these shores. Those looking for a high-riding Nismo model, then, will just have to content themselves with the Juke.