Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
Nissan teases

Nissan Teases Tokyo Concept

Nissan is keeping the details very light about a concept that it is premiering at the Tokyo Motor Show in just a few days, but we’re definitely curious about what’s in store. The model is so mysterious that we don’t even know a name yet, and the company’s announcement simply describes the vehicle as a “future vision of car intelligence and electrification.

Nissan teases

Thankfully, there’s a teaser image to provide a decent idea of what this concept looks like. Without anything to lend scale, we can only guess the vehicle appears to be fairly compact overall. The styling is intriguing. Nissan’s ubiquitous V-shaped grille is prominent in front and even seems partially illuminated here. The LED running lights also help sharpen the design, and the pronounced front fenders lend a little aggressiveness, too. The lighting unfortunately prevents seeing the rear, but the beltline shows signs of kicking up towards the rear – kind of like the Teatro for Dayz that’s appearing in Tokyo, too.

At least we know from Nissan’s description that this is unnamed vehicle is an EV, and there’s a hint that it might use some autonomous tech, as well. We should get a much better idea when the company drops all the secrecy in Tokyo.