Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
2019 Pininfarina

Pininfarina PF0 Electric Supercar Promises Sub-Two-Second 0-60, 250 MPH Top Speed, 300-Plus Mile Range

As we told you last week, Automobili Pininfarina is relaunching as the maker of an all-electric hypercar. Today, the nascent automaker released target performance specs for its first vehicle, codenamed PF0. And if Automobili Pininfarina can pull it off, this thing will be a scorcher.

2019 Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina says the PF0 will do 0-62 mph in under two seconds. It will sprint to 186 mph in less than 12 seconds, and keep accelerating to a top speed beyond 250 mph. And the automaker is targeting a driving range of greater than 310 miles.

In concept sketches released today, the PF0 looks appropriately supercarish, with the pod-like cabin and low nose associated with modern ultraperformance cars. The look is similar to the Pininfarina H2 Speed concept, a hydrogen fuel-cell track-only concept built to mimic LMP2 race cars and promised in 10 track-only examples.

Automobili Pininfarina, the new automaker brand, was officially launched with the Formula E race in Rome. Owned by Indian heavy industry conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra, Automobili Pininfarina will couple Mahindra Racing’s Formula E experience with a design relationship with Pininfarina SpA. Luca Borgogno, formerly of Pininfarina SpA and previously a designer in Lamborghini’s Turin studio, joins Automobili Pininfarina as design director.

With the PF0 promised to hit the global market in 2020, Automobili Pininfarina will spend the next two years showing its first electric car concept designs to interested potential customers worldwide.