Fri. Jun 18th, 2021
Tesla Model S

Regular Car Reviews Takes A Look At Tesla Model S

If you’re not familiar with the YouTube channel, Regular Car Reviews has a host critiquing (bizarrely) borrowed vehicles from a first person view. The show’s formula means that you can see drives in everything from an old Honda CRX to, in this case, a Tesla Model S P85. The narrator artfully mixes vulgar metaphors into the reviews, so this clip, while funny and informative, is definitely not safe to watch at work.

Tesla Model S

The clip is far more experiential than most other car reviews, too. When driving the Tesla, that includes the giddy giggle of feeling the rush of power when putting the throttle to the floor for the first time. No vehicle is perfect, and the reviewer isn’t afraid to forcefully point out a few of the P85 foibles, either.

Beyond just driving the Model S, the reviewer keeps things entertaining with a mix of sex jokes and cultural references as varied as James Joyce’s Ulysses and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. A winding metaphor comparing the P85 with Romeo and Juliet bookends the whole critique and makes a wonderful point about driving it.