Fri. Jun 18th, 2021
Rivian R1t Electric Truck

Rivian R1t Electric Truck Has 400-Mile Range And Supercar Acceleration

Rivian stayed quiet the past few years for an electric vehicle startup company, but things are changing. Its R1T truck makes its world debut today at the L.A. Auto Show, and man does it make an entrance.

We’ll set aside the wild-for-a-pickup styling to tell you some of the vital stats of this all-electric pickup truck. It starts with a staggering 400-plus mile range from a 180 kWh battery pack. That’s a massive amount of range with a gigantic battery pack.

Back to the design, because this truck looks like no other truck we’ve seen before. We should discuss those vertical pill-shaped headlights first, because you’re either going to love or hate them. They certainly give the front end a unique look, but it’s jarring upon first setting our eyes upon them.

For those who remember, GM actually used the “skateboard” moniker for its ill-conceived fuel-cell platform at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show, but the idea here isn’t a whole lot different. Rivian spent years developing this electric-vehicle-specific chassis to underpin all of its vehicles, which for now only include its truck and soon-to-be revealed SUV. It’s made out of aluminum and high-strength steels and is capable of fitting the 180 kWh battery pack we mentioned earlier — Rivian won’t reveal its battery supplier yet.

We got to peek inside and check out the Rivian’s interior at the launch event, and it’s luxurious for a truck. Rivian is trying to place its truck on the luxury side of things, though, so this makes sense. There are screens aplenty and all the materials have an upscale feel and look to them. Function and having the ability to effectively clean surfaces were the two main priorities for Rivian here. Seats, doors, the dash, carpeting and flooring are all designed to be wiped down easily and even resist staining in the first place.

Final pricing for the R1T isn’t available, but Rivian gave us some estimates. There are going to be three different battery pack sizes: 180 kWh, 135 kWh and 105 kWh. The best range and highest powered version will be around $90,000, whereas the cheapest one will be nearing $70,000. Range on the smallest battery pack truck is projected to be about 230 miles, and the truck in the middle will be about 300 miles.

There’s a lot to like about this adventure truck if your personality meshes with the design. Truck buyers have already shown a propensity to spend an inordinate amount of cash on luxurious pickups, so the price might not be as big of a turn-off as it seems at face value. We’ll see if Rivian is able to get it off the ground in a couple years to make the electric truck a reality.