Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
Self-Driving Technology

Self-Driving Technology – More Than Just Taxis

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to see that self-driving technology is gaining traction, to the point where government legislation is being actively reviewed and enacted to allow self-driving vehicles on the roads. And while many people rightly see this technology making a big impact on the taxi industry, the possibilities extend greater than simple A to B trips.

Self-Driving Technology

One of the biggest industries which will see an impact from this technology is the trucking and road logistics industry. With the bread and butter of this industry relying on drivers, self-driving trucks and vans pose a great and immediate threat. Those who don’t believe this impact will occur soon need only look at companies such Uber, which recently completed a truck delivery of Budweiser beers using true vehicle autonomy.

The next industry to mention will see more of an extension to already provided services, in contrast to a replacement of the core service being provided. This industry is the medical industry.

While the possibility of self-driving ambulances is very real, the ambulance itself is merely the vehicle in which the help arrives. For this reason, even self-driving ambulances won’t see a reduction in ambulance staff.

No, instead, the medical industry is likely to see an extension of its services. Namely, those related to patient transfer.

Imagine that you have traveled interstate for a local Lasik eye surgery appointment and are staying in an area you are unfamiliar with. In this scenario, the eye surgery can provide a self-driving patient transfer vehicle or pod to take you between the surgery and your place of care.

Other services which are likely to see disruption are restaurants providing home delivery. While teenagers with their parent’s car are the norm for regular delivery services, pizza restaurant Dominos Australia already have an automated robot delivery vehicle which delivers pizzas to short distances.

When you initially think of self-driving cars, then the first and obvious thought it to taxi replacements. However, as you can see from reading this short article, the impacts or this technology will be felt in industries far removed from taxis.