Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
The 3 Best Motorcycle Gloves

The 3 Best Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle riders know that the gear they’re using on the road is a matter of life and death; or at the very least, serious injury. Without the right boots, helmet, alpinestars jackets, and the right motorcycle gloves, you are putting your flesh in grave danger every time you take your bike out for a joyride. Even if you only use a 50cc Yamaha scooter, hitting asphalt at 20mph is nothing to scoff at, anyone who has left a layer of skin on the blacktop knows the truth of that.

The 3 Best Motorcycle Gloves

Since the first thing you will do when you go head over handlebars is try to catch yourself with your hands, and protecting them should be one of your top priorities. A good pair will give you armor in all the right places, good airflow for comfort like Speed and Strength gloves and enough warmth for whatever season you plan to use them. Before you hit the highway, prepare yourself with one of the 3 best motorcycle gloves.


These Icon Justice gloves are the same as their leathery counterparts except for that they’re made from a hi low mesh with a leather goat skin palm. Thermo injected knuckle armor is also part of the package. The Icon Justice mesh glove is a perfect union of leather and mesh giving you a high performance riding glove perfect for warmer climates.

This glove is currently available in stealth (black), blue, red, yellow, green and slate (grey).

Key features include:

  • Abrasion resistant premium grade battlehide goatskin palm
  • Synthetic leather finger gussets
  • Pre-curved palm and finger design
  • Expansion panels in critical areas
  • Injected thermoplastic knuckle
  • Hi-flow backhand mesh


These Icon gloves are designed to speak for themselves, and conforming to the shape of your hand for incredibly comfortable motorcycle gloves that still protects your hands from impact damage. Pittards sheepskin conforms to the shape of your hands while Battlehide leather palm overlay helps protect you against falls and abrasion damage.

Key features include:

  • ToucTec Leather Palm Allows You To Use Your Touchscreen Device With Your Gloves On
  • Integrated Knuckle Armor
  • Pittards Sheepskin Backhand For Great Fit
  • Secure Wrist Closure Keeps The Glove In Place
  • Expansion Gussets To Improve Overall Flexibility
  • Stealth Colorway is Goatskin With TouchTech Palm


The Dirt 2 gloves will meet the demands of many serious touring and adventure riders across the globe, offering an optimal balance between protection and ventilation. When wearing the Dirt 2 glove you’ll hardly notice you are wearing anything at all, they’re so lightweight flexible and airy. The incorporated connect fingertip—enabling you to operate touch-screen devices without removing the glove—makes this adventure-ready package complete.

Key features include:

  • Grip patches at palm
  • short cuff length
  • elastic at wrist and backhand
  • connect fingertip
  • stretch lips at index, middel and ring finger and backhand.