Thu. Sep 16th, 2021
Ford Fiesta

The Top 10 Used Cars You Will See On Driveways in 2016

These days having a vehicle can be an essential part of daily life. There is the daily commute to work, school runs or general errands to take care of. A car can be a lifeline. So when your car starts to show signs of needing to be replaced it’s something that needs to happen quite quick. Without rushing an important decision. After a house, a vehicle could be your next biggest expense and purchase.

Ford Fiesta

Used cars are big business. A lot of the time you can get yourself something decent for half the money you would spend on buying a brand new one. But when it comes to buying a used car what exactly do you go for? What is suitable for your needs or the type of driving you are doing?

There are so many choices out there that it’s vital you make the right decision for you or your family. I thought it would be a good idea to put a quick guide together of the cars you are most likely to see on driveways in 2016. It may provide you with some inspiration for your next purchase.

Are you a young driver?

If the answer is yes, then it’s a smart move to stick with vehicles that are cheap to run and insure. For many young drivers, the cost of insurance is expensive in the first year, so it’s sensible to try and keep the costs as low as possible.

  • Ford Fiesta – A small, compact and sporty looking car. A Ford Fiesta can give you all the looks you want from your car without the hefty price tag. Offering an insurance level of group 2 and free road tax there isn’t much to not like about this iconic vehicle. With a range of models available and the new 1.0 Ecoboost engine turning heads, it’s a safe choice for a used car purchase.
  • Toyota Yaris – Another sleek designer looking vehicle with a look that has stood the test of time. A Toyota Yaris can equally provide low-cost road tax, with the hybrid model qualifying for free road tax. With it being a responsive and rewarding drive it could be a wonderful first or second car for any young driver.

Is City driving your thing?

Do you do a lot of stop-start driving? Do you spend more time in the city than you do on highways? Then you need to consider a car with good MPG and cheap running costs.

  • MINI Cooper – The MINI is an iconic brand, but with its recent upgrade in the last decade it appeals to many city drivers. A 1.6-litre petrol engine will provide a quick and easy drive while still keeping running costs low. With it’s head-turning style and slick looks it’s impossible not to fall in love with the new upgraded version. Even though there will always be a place for the original.
  • Nissan Leaf – With its poised handling this car could tick all your boxes. Critics have said that this car is more suited to city driving than anything else making it the perfect choice. With it being 100% electric the Nissan Leaf makes responsible and economical driving a reality.

Do you need something a little bigger?

Maybe there is more than one of you in the car at any one time. Perhaps this is the second car for the family so it needs to accommodate extra people just in case. Then looking for a medium sized hatchback on the used car market maybe the right way to go. You will be spoilt for choice as this area is flooded with all kinds of makes and models to suit your requirements. It would be recommended to head to an imperial car supermarket to browse the many cars available. These two cars, however, will always sit very high on any rankings list or review:

  • Volkswagen Golf – There has been a lot in the news about VW as of late which is why it makes it the perfect choice for the used car buyer. If what was reported doesn’t put you off then you may be able to pick up a real bargain. A VW Golf is still an iconic vehicle. It’s 5-door option makes it suitable for seating five adults comfortably. With enough boot capacity to accommodate whatever is needed. Engine sizes and fuel options vary offering you a big choice.
  • Ford Focus – Equally the Ford Focus is another vehicle model that has stood the test of time. With every improvement made on new product launches, Ford always seems to be one step ahead of it’s competitors. With a number of different engine sizes available to you will be sure to find the right Focus to suit your needs. With the new focus sporting a more sculptured style, it’s a vehicle not to be messed with.

Is the car for a family?

Family cars are essential. They are the cars that get everyone from one point to another with minimal fuss and drama. But, you can be once again spoilt for choice in this category because of the vast amount of brands and models available. You also know that not every family is the same. Parents have more children than others, different pushchairs and travel systems to take around with them. So each family car specification is unique. But time and time again you will see families choosing either:


  • Toyota Prius – There’s a reason it is the best-selling hybrid car to date. With new improvements to make this car more spacious, fuel-efficient and fun to drive it’s fast becoming the family car of choice. There is a lot of Prius haters out there, but with the latest developments, it might be time to take another look.


  • Chevrolet Cruz – The Chevrolet Cruz is becoming a very affordable family car. It’s cheap to run, has a great boot space and spacious interior design. The design aspect has seen recent improvements making this car on the used car market not only affordable but excellent value for money.

Does it need to have a 4WD element?

You may live somewhere that requires a 4WD. Or, you just like the drive and extra space one of the cars can offer. Whatever your reason may be these cars are becoming more and more popular. This might be because the vehicle brands are working so hard on the fuel consumption element. They are now more affordable to run than they ever have been. Meaning these cars are now available to more people than they ever used to be. These two are still widely popular:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee – The Grand Cherokee is still available in quite a large engine size. But with a much better efficiency. The Cherokee offers a more traditional 4WD experience. It has large features and comfortable interior space. The latest Cherokee has had a lot of refinement, offering more presence and stand out capability. The Cherokee also prides itself on the safety aspects of the vehicle.
  • Range Rover – A popular choice for many, the Range Rover offers you the 4WD experience with a more sleek design and look. The Range Rover still has the sophistication you have come to expect. Just with a modern touch. From the most demanding terrains to the daily commute to work, you will have a relaxed and intuitive drive.

So there you have it, the top 10 cars you are likely to see on driveways this year. All categorised so the hard work has been done for you. Good luck with your used car purchase.