Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021
Skoda Yeti

Top 3 Practical Skodas

For some time now, Skoda have been a popular supplier of affordable and practical cars. If you’ve never used one of these little runners before, then you’re missing out! Though nothing luxurious, most Skodas offer drivers an enjoyable, reliable experience. If you’re starting a family and have to ditch the supercars, or you’re just curious about one of these cars, there’s a great selection. Here are three of Skoda’s finest creations.

Skoda Yeti


Skoda created this excellent machine looking for a more practical angle. Obviously, going down the beaten MPV track would have been far too plain for them. Instead, they looked within their own ranks for inspiration. They certainly found it with a brilliant crossover SUV. The Yeti is modelled on the MKII Octavia. Aiming at the SUV crowd however, it features taller suspension and a distinct, rounded body shape. Just because it’s big, doesn’t mean it’s depriving you of gentle Skoda finance! Compared to other 4x4s on the market, its running costs are exceedingly low. Another thing that distinguishes it from a lot of 4x4s is its brilliant road performance. You’ll really appreciate the added suspension when you’re going over any big bumps. All of the turbo and diesel engines which are available offer smooth, agile performance on winding B-roads.

Octavia vRS

Skoda released their vRS band with the first wave of Fabias and Octavias. Since then, the Octavia model has only gotten better! This great saloon really sums up what the company is all about. It gives great performance delivered in an understated and affordable package. The first of these cars was released in 2001, featuring a 1.8 litre lifted from the Audi TT. At a glance, it’s pretty hard to distinguish this model from the regular Octavia. A green vRS badge on the rear, along with larger wheels and a subtly different body kit sets this car apart from its predecessor. The biggest difference, however, is the speed! If (by some bizarre turn of events) this and an original Octavia had a drag race, there’d be no contest. Many have compared the Octavia vRS to VW’s Golf GTI. The main difference? Practicality. The hatchback has a massive boot, but if you wanted it even bigger there’s always the Octavia Estate.


Since they were founded, Skoda has always hopped from strength to strength. This hasn’t changed, as their smallest ever model proved. In case you hadn’t guessed, the Citigo is a city car. It certainly does what it says on the tin! The compact size, and the four-corner axel design, means that this car is perfect for packed, urban streets. The power of the three-cylinder engine makes it great to slipping into brief traffic gaps. You wouldn’t think it at first, but the Skoda’s cabin space blows a lot of other superminis out of the water. As always, the Citigo is reliable and affordable.

If you’re considering a Skoda, then I urge you to pick one of these three. Whatever your preferred class, none of these models will let you down!