Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Volvo details new Compact Modular

Volvo Details New Compact Modular Architecture Platform

The Volvo lineup is set to grow in the next few years thanks to some smaller models. Making this expansion possible is the Swedish brand’s new Compact Modular Architecture that’s essentially the little brother to the existing Scalable Product Architecture platform. In the very near future, the two of them will underpin all of the automaker’s vehicles.

Volvo details new Compact Modular

SPA is already underneath the new XC90 and the forthcoming S90, plus the future 60-series vehicles. However, the architecture can’t shrink enough for compacts. CMA fills that big gap in the lineup. Beyond some small sections at the front, the length, width, and height are all freely adjustable by designers for future models.

For now, Volvo is only saying that it intends to launch CMA on an unspecified vehicle in 2017, but recent reports suggest that model is the new XC40 crossover. Once the compact CUV goes on sale, a next-gen V40 and V40 Cross Country would likely come about a year later. They’re supposed to arrive to the US, too.

Other than size, CMA has a lot in common with its big brother. The platforms are designed to share things like infotainment, safety systems, and other tech. Plus, they can fit the same powertrains. Volvo intends for a launch with three- and four-cylinder engines, and a plug-in hybrid is on the way, too. To really see how flexible CMA is, check out Volvo’s video below. The clip shows just how much the platform can transform and highlights what can be used in common with SPA.