Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
Which MINI Model Is Right For You A Quick Guide

Which MINI Model Is Right For You? A Quick Guide

Who doesn’t love a classic? Everyone wants that awesome, iconic retro feeling when they drive, but buying and keeping old cars can be a pain. So what about an updated, modern car that has all the same stylings and craftsmanship as one of the world’s most iconic motoring brands?

If that does not convince you, then combining the history of Mini with the technical efficiency of BMW must sell it. But how are you to know what Mini model to buy? We help out with our handy guide below.

Classic Cooper Mini Model

Fun, simple with a dash of retro style, the classic Mini Cooper is an icon updated with all the mod cons. The beauty of the copper is that it comes in a range of options, from the hardtop to two and four-door hatchback.

Each of these also comes in two trim levels. The standard model has high-quality faux leather upholstery, an infotainment display, and Bluetooth connections. These can upgrade to have larger touchscreens and navigation displays.

Cooper Clubman

The Cooper Clubman is an excellent choice for anyone who wants ease of access, with large storage spaces and the ability to seat five people. Its rear doors are split and can swing open with just a touch inside the cabin. This makes throwing in sports gear, shopping, and work kit easy and painless, even in adverse weather.

The Clubman is available with all the additions and specifications you can get in other models. These include touchscreen displays, leather seats, and a number of upgrades from the excellent mini cooper parts catalog.


The Countryman is the roomiest of all the mini models. It has a wealth of luggage space, and can easily fit five passengers. It has the same platform as a BMW X1, making it a powerful and efficient machine.

For the eco-conscious mind, you can also get a plug-in hybrid version. This does cost a little more but is worth it for long term fuel economy and savings.

John Cooper Works

The John Cooper Works is the most powerful, performance-driven model in the catalog. It is ideally for anyone who loves to drive and is excited by performance engineering. It has all the power of a racing model with that compact, go-kart feel synonymous with the Mini.

The three-door hatch is the most popular model and comes with a twin-turbo, four-cylinder engine. The works package can also come in Convertible, Clubman, and Countryman Mini Cooper models.

Cooper Convertible

The convertible is based on the classic Cooper but comes with a stylish fold-down top. You will be the envy of everyone else on the road during those hot, summer days. It is packed with a 3 cylinder petrol engine but can be upgraded to the Cooper S and JCW models for more power.

The only sacrifice is a little of the storage space in the trunk. This is one of the most stylish looking models in the lineup and is for anyone looking to drive a car that makes a statement.

Test Drive

Once you have decided which Mini model you like, then book a test drive. There should be local dealerships in your area, and if not you can contact your local BMW dealership to ask them in assisting.

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