Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
Vauxhall Astra

Why The Astra Beats The Focus

Since the history of the two models, the Vauxhall Astra and the Ford Focus have had a bitter rivalry. Depending on who you ask, one or the other is the undisputed best hatchback on the market. You may be sorry to hear it, but I’m on team Astra! I believe that today, Vauxhall’s most famous model blows its natural enemy out of the water. Read on to hear why…

 Vauxhall Astra

I’ll start with the dimensions you get out of the two cars. The 2015 Astra has something of an eerie Tardis effect going on. Although it looks much more compact and nimble from the outside, once you sit down in the Astra you can tell immediately that it’s more roomy. The new body kit has managed to give us an extra bit of legroom, and yet a decrease in the overall length. Astras have also been getting lighter and lighter over the past decade or so. These two factors combined mean that the Astra is a lot easier to manoeuvre in urban areas, but is still spacious enough to sit back and enjoy your drive.

Generally, people buy hatchbacks for their practicality, not their luxury. However, a few more bells and whistles can’t hurt! Another way the Astra beats the Focus is through the equipment you get with it. The next time you’re at a lot, ask a Vauxhall dealer if they have any of the Sri or Elite models. These both come with a sat nav that won’t drive you into any lakes, which is always reassuring! Still, if you get any of the Astras from 2015 onwards, you’ll be able to enjoy a touchscreen infotainment system. This is a step up from the Focus’s button-operated LED screen. This includes Bluetooth connectivity, a digital radio, and cruise control. As the driver, seen as you’re doing all the hard work, you also get a ventilated massage seat! A futuristic hands-free parking system rounds off the great equipment in the new Astra.

If you don’t care that much about spaciousness or tech, then I’m surprised you made it onto this blog! If there’s one feature which will certainly take your interest, then it’s the price! The newer Astra models are significantly cheaper than their rivals from Ford. When the 2015 Astra was released, the range started at £15,295, which undercut the entry-level Focus by about £150. If that’s not enough for you, the difference only gets better as you go up the ranks. The 1-litre petrol cost £15,995 when it was first unveiled, and the 1.6 diesel was £17,495. When you stack up some models, the Astras undercut the Focuses by up to £2,000! Sure, there may be areas where Ford has taken the biscuit. However, when you consider all the Astra has going for it, and the massive differences in price, the decision becomes pretty easy.

Hopefully you’re nodding your head thoughtfully right now, and not spitting and screaming at your screen! Ford are certainly a formidable company, and they may still have something up their sleeve. For my money though, Vauxhall are the reigning hatchback champions.