Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
McLaren 570GTs

All McLaren 570GTs Should Come In This Shade Of Green

When the MP4-12C launched back in 2011, McLaren offered in in a lovely dark shade called Racing Green. Hardly any were ordered, and the color was removed from McLaren’s official palette, which is a shame. Now, McLaren is bringing back a similar historic color for a limited-edition 570GT and it’s all sorts of lovely.

McLaren 570GTs

The color is called XP Green, and it made its first McLaren appearance on the F1 GT (pictured above), a long-tail F1 created specifically for endurance racing. McLaren is building six MSO Collection 570GTs, each painted in XP Green with a Saddle Tan interior and orange exterior accents. All six are sold and headed to customers in the UK and Europe, but McLaren will still sell you any of its cars in this color through its special operations division.

McLaren says the exterior accents are painted Saddle Tan to match the interior, but they look orange to us. In fact, the whole thing looks a lot like a BRM F1 car from the 1960s. Inside, green inserts on the seats offset the tan beautifully, with virtually every surface colored in leather.

The MSO Collection 570GT is £21,000 ($28,500) more expensive than a base model, but it includes some other options beyond the colors. Some of these cars could end up being more expensive still, depending on the options the customers select.

While Racing Green wasn’t a hit among 12C customers, we hope to see more McLarens painted in dark shades like this. This subdued look suits the more mellow 570GT especially well.