Mon. Jun 14th, 2021
Audi A5 DTM diesel spor

Audi A5 DTM Diesel Sport Coupe Thumbs Nose At Scandal

While the diesel emissions scandal is damaging the reputation of the four-cylinder TDI engines, the torquey, fuel-efficient 3.0-liter TDI V6 at the heart of this latest special edition from Audi is so far unsullied. However that doesn’t mean the 3.0 couldn’t face investigation at some point in the future before the issue is settled. In the meantime, those outside of North America can look forward to the Audi A5DTM edition’s enticing features.

Audi A5 DTM diesel spor

The A5 DTM edition is powered by the same 3.0-liter V6 TDI that we can already get in the A6, A7, andA8 sedans as well as the Q5 and Q7 crossovers. Here, it produces 245 horsepower and 427 pound-feet of torque (in the US-spec A6, the engine is quoted as making 240 hp and 428 lb-ft).

The A5 DTM channels its power to all four wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. That’s enough to propel it to 62 in a claimed 5.9 seconds and an electronically-governed top speed of 155 miles per hour.

The sporty look is inspired by Ingolstadt’s DTM touring car program. That includes a sportier front fascia, Misano red paint, gloss-black trim, 20-inch split-five-spoke alloys, and special badges inside and out. The interior packs the bucket seats from the RS5, Alcantara trim, stainless steel pedals, and more. Audi will only offer 50 examples, priced in Germany at €74,540 – equivalent to about $85k at current exchange rates.