Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
Dodge Challenger Hellcat X is 805-hp

Dodge Challenger Hellcat X is 805-Hp Worth Of Charity

Donating to charity is good for the soul. You feel good and help out those in need, and while you should donate out of the goodness of your heart, there’s nothing wrong with getting something in return. That’s doubly true if that something (or somethings) happen to run on gasoline… a lot of gasoline.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat X is 805-hp

For just $3 (plus $40,000 in taxes), you could park not one, but two high-powered Mopars in your driveway. The big item, of course, is the world’s most powerful Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Dubbed the Hellcat X after the XF6F, a twin-charged US Navy prototype that evolved into the Hellcat fighter from World War II. Its 6.2-liter, supercharged V8 has been supplemented by a turbocharger, boosting output to 805 horsepower. Because, you know, 707 just wasn’t quite enough.

It should be noted that the Hellcat X isn’t a production model – Fiat Chrysler isn’t going to be putting a twin-charged Hemi into production – but that it’s a one-off job built for the 2015 Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle.

Joining the Hellcat X is a handsome, black 1970 Challenger 440 R/T. Complete with a four-barrel carburetor (yeah, we were hoping for a Six Pack, as well), a pistol-grip shifter, and menacing black paint, this exact car was the star of 2012’s “Revolution Reborn” television spot. And if this car’s on-air claim to fame isn’t enough, rest easy knowing you’re the owner of just one of 100 black 440 R/Ts produced in 1970.

Now, single tickets do start at $3, although there are larger bundles available, including a $5,000, 6,000-ticket package. Proceeds from the drawing, which is being put on by Dream Giveaway, will go towards New Beginning Children’s Home charity, which issues grants to everything from the National Guard Educational Foundation to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.