Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
McLaren launches Sports

McLaren Launches Sports Series Configurator For 570S

With the launch of its new Sports Series, McLaren is reaching out into a whole new market – one far more accessible than the supercars it has made to date. That means there’ll be a whole new class of customers who’ll suddenly contemplate putting $184,900 down on an example of Woking’s finest. But whether you’re among those with the means or not, it’s a tempting way to waste some time to play around with an online configurator – and that’s just what McLaren has launched for the new 570S.

McLaren launches Sports

The British racing team turned exotic automaker revealed its new entry-level model at the New York Auto Show last week in its signature shade of orange, and even released some photos of the 570S in a slick dark silver finish. But of course those are just starting points: McLaren in seventeen color choices, with three wheel options (each available in three finishes), six colors for the brake calipers, and a whole mess of carbon-fiber trim pieces. And that’s before you even step into the cockpit, where the possibilities are virtually endless.

Toying around with the configuration tool, we went for a pseudo-Storm Trooper approach with the special Silica White paint, the super-lightweight forged alloys in diamond-cut finish, and probably more carbon parts then we’d actually care to order, push come to twin-turbocharged shove. What combination would you choose?