Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
2800-HP Turbocharged Hemi

This 2800-Hp Turbocharged Hemi-Powered Supra Is The King Of Flames

It’s always fun to see a car shoot flames. It’s especially fun when that car is a 2800-horsepower Toyota Supra drag car powered by a Hemi V-8 engine with a massive turbocharger attached.

According to Engine Swap Depot, this MkIV Supra was built by ProSpeed Autosports in Houston, Texas, for no-prep drag racing (that’s when the racing surface isn’t prepped beforehand with adhesive compound for better traction). If that paint color looks familiar, it should. It’s called Austin Yellow, an available color on the current BMW M3 and M4.

Under the hood sits a 526 cubic-inch dry sump engine built by Arrow Machine of Brenham, Texas, paired to a simply gargantuan Precision 118-mm turbocharger breathing through the front bumper and running on 40 pounds of boost. Combined, the setup puts out 2827 horsepower. Wild.

With all that power comes a lot of noise, and a whole bunch of visible exhaust flames. The car, nicknamed “Wasabi Supra,” has its own Facebook page, where the builders have uploaded dyno videos and pictures for us to enjoy. This one is especially fun to watch (mind your volume levels before pressing play):

Recently, the 1320video YouTube channel caught up with ProSpeed Autosports and the Wasabi Supra at the 5th annual Outlaw Armageddon drag competition at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Oklahoma. Competing in the small tire class, it was able to win three of the four races shown in the video. It sounds even better when it puts its power to the asphalt.